Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Import XML Data to MS Excel

Simple Excel Application which reads the XML file created by earlier application. The data is read into the workbook, and written to a single worksheet. It is also separated into worksheets for parameters, variables, lists and tables. Lists are written across a row. Named ranges are also created for Parameters and Variables.

It doesn't use any XML library to read the file, instead it uses a limited parser written in vba.

Its a simple experimental application showing possibility of exporting and importing parameters to simple XML files, to share data between spreadsheet applications.

Normally I try to create spreadsheets with all parameters on a single worksheet, formatted to be compatible with export to DBase, Paradox and MS Access tables, such worksheet could also be directly exported to XML. However as workbooks grow, not all parameters get referenced on the summary sheet. The two XML workbooks help clean the workbooks up.

Spreadsheet can be down loaded: importXML.xls

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